Minerva Bath is seeking to recruit new coxes to the club. At any point during the rowing year, the success of the club's crews and their ability to get out on the water to train, relies entirely on that crew having a cox. As a cox you're not only a member of the crew, some might argue that you are the most important member! The main roles of a cox are;

coxing a boat
1) Safety - avoiding other crews out on the water
2) Steering -

guiding the boat along the course, ensuring you follow the rules of the river
3) Speech - being clear and concise with your instructions

We are happy to train you up from a complete novice who has never been near a rowing boat before and we'd be delighted to welcome people along to the club who have previous coxing experience. As a friendly club with crews competing and training at different levels there will be plenty of opportunities for people keen to face a new challenge.

If you want any further details or fancy coming down to the club for a trial please get in touch with the Captain.