rowing club 1924Minerva Bath rowing club was originally founded as Bath Ladies boat club in 1914 and was one of the earliest women's rowing clubs in England. The club was strongly linked to the suffragette movement in the city, links which can still be seen today in our clubs colour of violet and gold.


The club competed in and around the local area organising internal races and private competitions but didn't join the Amateur Rowing Association - the governing body for rowing at the time until 1990. Bath Ladies boat club remained the preserve of women up to 1984, when a break away group of men joined from the City of Bath rowing club. In 1985, whilst still located on the east side of the city, Bath experienced flooding with the river waters reaching up to the club's balcony and only a lot of hard work by its members kept the club up and running.

Bewdley winners 1934 BLBC 1986

Minerva Bath rowing club came into existence in 1990 due to a merger of Bath Ladies boat club with the City of Bath rowing club. Minerva Bath moved to the current site in Newbridge on the western edge of the city in 2006. This has offered the rowers more stable river conditions being 'down weir' and a longer, more impressive stretch of river to row on.

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