Junior Learn to Row

Have you ever watched the Oxford and Cambridge boat race and though you would like to give it a try? Why not try our rowing course for juniors.

You don't need to have any previous rowing experience to take part in the courses. We welcome juniors between 13-18 years and at all levels of fitness. We accept up to 8 juniors on each Learn to Row course. We aim to take juniors out in coxed quads.
learn to row

Course details:

Session 1 You will learn the rowing technique on a rowing machine (ergo). We will also have a look at a boat, learn what all the parts are called, how a boat is carried, where we row and the rules of the water.
Session 2 The first session on the water! Before we go out we will have a quick go on the ergo to remind ourselves of the technique and to warm up. Then it is your go to get into the boats and try your first strokes on the water.
Session 3 Letís see what you can remember from last week and practise it a bit more!
Session 4 Your first chance to train with the rest of the junior squad at our regular ergo session.
Session 5 And more practise on the water.
Session 6 Another ergo session with the whole junior squad.
Session 7 The last session of the Learn to Row course. Letís see how much you have learned in the past few weeks. We will hopefully able to do some short races.

Session content might change depending on progress and weather. We wonít go out in heavy rain, windy conditions or at high water levels.

Learnto row

How do I find out more or sign up?

To find out more about the course or to sign up for the Learn to Row course please send an email to the Junior Co-ordinator

What should I wear?

This depends a bit on the weather.
* Generally tight fitting sports clothes are the best. The reason for this is that you canít get tangled up in them. It is best to wear leggings, but you can wear tracksuit bottoms. It is not possible to wear jeans.
* Make sure what you wear is warm enough.
* If it is raining bring a waterproof jacket.
* If it is sunny bring a hat and suntan lotion.
* You need to wear trainers, no other shoes allowed.

What else do I need to bring?

* A drink in a plastic bottle and a snack
* A change of clothes and a towel
* A completed and signed junior membership form

Where do I drop my child off?

Parents need to drop of their children at the boathouse and make sure that a member of coaching staff is aware they are there. We would love you to be part of the rowing experience and parents are always welcome to help out and/or watch.

What happens once the Learn to Row course is finished?

When the Learn to Row course is finished you are invited to join the club. Beginner rowing sessions are Sundays 8:30-10:30.

The junior squad ergo session is on Wednesdays 17.00 -18:00. To make progress it is important that you are able turn up regularly to both sessions.


Squad training times vary depending on age, if you are interested in joining and have previously rowed contact us and we can let you know.

If you join the club you will need to do a capsize drill.

To keep the junior squad running parents will need to get involved, helping to get the boats out etc.

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Next junior course:
(13-18 years)

Our junior squad at Minerva is currently full and weíre not able to take any new members at present but keep an eye on the website for future courses and training camps.

Cost: £100
(Free 1 year British Rowing membership when you join the club)

1. This course is intended for juniors only (aged 13 - 18)
2. Applicants must br able to swim 100m in your clothes.
4. Applicamt must be able to committ to all 8 dates of the Learn to Row course.
5. Applicants must bring a completed and signed temporary membership form for insurance purposes for course duration.
6. The course fee must be paid 2 weeks in advance or bring a cheque on the day




Do you want to be a cox?

A cox steers the boat and motivates the crew. If you want to learn how to cox contact the Junior Co-ordinator.

We are always looking for new coxes and are happy to teach you how to do it.